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Integrity Medical Billing, Inc

Providing Billing and Practice Management

Integrity Medical Billing, Inc. - Services  


-Integrity Medical Billing, Inc. specializes in billing for chiropractors for more than 10 years!


-Post insurance payment and adjustments to each account by line item

-Document status of open claims in the client's software

-Appeal all denied CPT codes

-Work and document your accounts receivable monthly

-Field phone calls from patients with billing questions

-Audit patient’s accounts as needed


-Credentialing all insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid (additional fee)

-Let us help you with the legwork and paperwork!

Electronic and Paper Claim Submission

-Submit claims through clearinghouse daily

-Submit claims by paper if required

-Process all claims to primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance carriers

Practice Management

-Provide practice analysis reports

-Provide monthly summary reports

-Provides accounts receivable reports with status documented

Reduced Expenses

-Reduce denials and increase collections

-The cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a new employee is a minimum of $3,500. Hiring competent help can be hard.

-Factor in sick time, vacation time, benefits, employee taxes and the cost of keeping billing-in-house can add up. After all of time, effort and money spent…they decide to leave, you decide it is not working out,etc!

-It is not a quick or cheap process training a person how to bill, post, appeal, and follow up on your accounts properly.